Established: 1960
Catholics:  498  
Parish priest: Fr. Dr. Beda Kiure (MD) 
Outstation: Kihurio, Karamba, and Bendera
Small Christian communities (SCC): St. Francis, St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Joseph.
Apostolic associations: WAWATA and The Holy Papal Childhood Association.

Maria Immaculata parish, Bwambo is one of the first parishes in Same Diocese.
Priests visiting from Gonja Kighare celebrated mass here and baptizes very first catechumens on 16 th February 1958 one of them being elder Michael Nzinyangwa. Many more have been baptized and up to this Easter Sunday our baptism register will read 2654.
Originally the parish covered the whole of Mamba-Vunta ward with a population of 47,000 people. In 2008, Kirongwe and Kirangare were elevated into independent parishes. Bwambo parish today covers three villages namely Mweteni, Vugwama and Bwambo with a total population of 10,771 as per 2012 national census.
More than 15 priests have served in the parish as parish priests. Fr. Dr. Beda Kiure (MD) is the current parish priest since 2012. His predecessors are Michael Shayo, Fulgence Kivatiro, Michael Kirahenja, Valence Mruma, Andrea Kidaisho, Vulstan Marisa, and Herment Cherehani. Before these, the Dutch Spiritan Missionaries were the ones working in the parish. Fr. Herman van Dillen, Francis Lammers, Peter Bernen, John Bosman and John Walsh who is the founding parish priest. Other priests who served here at various capacities are Peter Mvungi, Hillary Mshana, Wenceslaus Sumwa, Elias Msuya, Benedict Cherumbe, Joseph Mkichwe and Sabbas Msuya. The parish 498 Catholics believers and 4 small Christian communities (SCC) namely: St. Francis, St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Joseph. Apostolic associations are WAWATA and The Holy Papal Childhood Association

Due to Geographical location and demographic distribution, the parish is on the process of opening an outstation in Ngujini. It will be named St. John the Baptist calling upon his intercession to draw and lead more people to Christ.


Bwambo parish

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