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Dec 22, 2017 : Mangalore Africa mission team members had a five days of residential workshop on the evaluation of past first five years and the future plans in the Same mission held recently.

The Mangalore Africa mission is in the fifth year since starting the mission. On this account the workshop was held in order to know what we have done, what we have achieved, where we could have improved what we could do in the future and most importantly to build the oneness and to strengthen the team unity.

Mr. Charles Camera from the diocese of Stockholm, Sweden was the resource person. The workshop started with the recollection, followed by the inauguration and introduction of the workshop. This program had input sessions on evaluation, session on future plans, group discussions and had morning Holy Eucharist and evening prayers.

For the group discussion, the members were divided into three groups, namely – pastoral, school and socio-economical. The people who attended this work shop were six teachers from the St. Josephs school, five staff from Kwanyage farm, eight parish council members and SMA members. The whole program was arranged in Umoja hostel, Moshi.

Thanks to the generosity of the Stockholm diocese for sponsoring the whole program.

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