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Deanery of Mt. Gabriel - Shengena

It was launched on 2nd November 2006 at a meeting held at Gonja Kighare parish. The diocese was under the leadership of Bishop Jacob Koda. Father Alfonce Ndaghine was appointed the first Dean. In 2010 under the leadership of Bishop Rogath Kimaryo, elections were held and Rev. Father Joseph Mlacha was appointed the Dean. Initially, the deanery had the following parishes Bwambo, Kirongwe, Myombo, Sonkana, Kighare, Chabaru, Manolo, Ndungu, Maore, Kisiwani and Vudee Juu. Due to the geographical conditions Vudee and Bwambo parishes were transferred to Chambogo deanery.

Deanery has the following institutions:

  • Kindergarten school
  • Secondary school high St. Leonard (Chabaru),  St. Clare girls secondary school (the Little Sisters of Saint Francis)
  • VETA College in Gonja Maore
  • Clinics in Gonja Ghare and Kirindi

Currently, the deanery has 9 potentials parishes namely:

1. Kisiwani

2. Maore

3. Chabaru

4. Kighare

5. Manolo

6. Sonkana

7. Myombo

8. Ndungu

9. Kirongwe

10. Mbuyuni (Kigango)

11. Njiro (Kigango)


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