Rev. Father Alphonce Ludovick Ndaghine

Kindoroko Dean’s

St. Michael vicariate forane, Situated at Mwanga district is the portion of the people of God made up of several neighboring parishes with the aim of fostering pastoral care by means of common action in matters of the Holy faith. St. Michael Vicariate forane also known as Kindoroko Deanery started in the year 2006 together with other two deaneries of Same diocese by the bishop emeritus Rt. Rev. Jacob Koda issuing a letter dated 9th October 2006. In that letter parishes of Kilomeni (1909), Ugweno (1965), Kisangara juu (1966), Lembeni (1969),  Chanjale (1969), Mwanga (1986), Ngulu (1989) and Usangi (1991) were put together to create the St. Michael (who is like God) vicariate or Deanery.

The first Dean or Vicar forane or Arch priest, meaning the priest who was placed in charge of the vicariate forane, was Fr. Michael Sabatura. He led the vicariate forane for two years and the leadership went to Fr. Dareck in the year 2008, and from the year 2010 to date the arch priest of the vicariate forane is Fr. Alphonce Ndaghine. The Deanery covers the whole area of Mwanga district with the population of approximately 115,145 people and among them Catholics are more than 15000. The number of parishes has increased to 11 as Kifaru (2012), Mavanja (2015) and Mgagau (2016) have been raised to the level of parish while other sub parishes such as Nyumba ya Mungu, Dimbwi, Lang'ata Kagongo and Kwakitanga are making remarkable growth to the level of parish to be. From the name of our patron saint, our mission is to make sure that all are well protected against the wiles of Satan through prayers, seminars, pilgrimage and voluntary donation from in and out.

We have three pilgrimage centers one at Mwanga divine mercy sanctuary, another one is Our Mother Kilomeni., and lastly is kanani the sacred heart of Jesus shrine. To educate the youth we dedicate Chanjale Seminary and Archbishop Josaphat Lebulu catechetical center for religious leaders and St. Joseph boys, St. Stephen boys, St.Teresia of Avila girls, Kindoroko girls, Kilomeni girls and Bethany girls for the purpose of education. Neema health center and some dispensaries such as Ngulu, Kilomeni, and Kisangara Juu is our responsibility to have good health. The people of Mwanga district are peasants and cattle keepers who depend totally on their meager income with few of them who are business men and women. Like the merciful Father we all cry in this vicariate forane 'Who is Like GOD'. 

Currently, the deanery has 13 potentials parishes namely:

1. Kilomeni

2. Kisangara Juu

3. Ugweno

4. Chanjale

5. Mwanga

6. Lembeni

7. Ngulu

8. Dimbwi

9. Usangi

10. Kifaru

11. Spillway

12. Mavanja

13. Mgagao


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